sundays at the farmers market

One of my goals all summer was to wake up early one Sunday morning and go to the farmers market in Asbury Park. Asbury Fresh is just a short walk away from my house across the bridge in Asbury.I finally set the alarm on Saturday night and sacrificed my only day to sleep in to get my butt out of bed and to the farmers market. I love love love fresh fruit and veggies. Jersey is called the Garden State and we live up to that nickname. In the summer my family and I travel around Jersey to different farms to get our produce. I mean, how cool is that?? I love my Weggies. but there is just something about fresh picked Jersey tomatoes.

When sunflowers are only a dollar it takes a lot of self control not to buy a dozen and just go home with three of them!

We hosted a family lunch later that afternoon and the flowers came in handy! We went with a shore theme using blue glasses and white rectangle dishes. If you want to invest in pieces for entertaining I suggest buying dishes. Easy to store and really make the meal fancy. We bought ours a few years ago, but you can buy similar ones at Target. 

The hydrangea bushes outside of my house are finally blooming so my whole house is decorated with fresh flowers in every room.

Mini bar all set up for the luncheon.


Lobster Roll
This is such an easy recipe to make for company and it is delicious!
Cole Slaw from Costco
Blueberry muffins from scratch


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