So you were never a saint. And I’ve loved in shades of wrong.

wear it wednesday

In case you didn’t know my dad is having a midlife crisis and is in a band. This past fall my mom got my dad drum lessons at The Lakehouse Music Academy and wow, it has been an adventure for all of us! My dad and I have always bonded over music with me dragging him to shows all over New Jersey. But now my dad is networking with the music industry in the area and getting invited to VIP events and shows. Seriously!!

On Thursday evening my dad had a “gig” at the famous venue, The Saint in Asbury Park. After work I ran home to quickly change out of my work outfit and throw on something concert appropriate. I paired black shorts with a white satin scoop neck sheer tank. I added some curls to my hair and with a hot pink lip it looks like I am actually getting enough sleep during the week!

My dads midlife crisis has taught me that it is never too late to chase your dreams. My dad has lived his whole life doing what he was supposed to do he put his music dreams on hold. I have to say when I see him on a stage I get emotional seeing him living his dream.

I went to a very prestigious university and received an amazing education in both the arts and science school and the business school. However, now I am looking at how I want to live my life and do not want to wait until I’m 50 years old to pursue my dreams. I decided to put off getting my Masters one more year and pursue this hobby of mine. I have opportunities (literally) knocking at my door. I cannot wait to share the exciting news with you when it becomes more final.

Remember it is never too late to pursue your dreams!

Outfit Details
Tank: Trouve from Nordstrom (Old but similar here)
Shorts: Gap
Sandals: BCBG

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