seas the day

In college we didn’t go out on the weekend until 10pm and were out until the bars closed.
Now I am 23 years old and my bedtime is before 10pm!
Earlier in my life my priorities were different. I was out all night and made my classes or work schedule in the afternoon or evenings. I complained about having a 10am class, but now my internal clock wakes me up at 7am and my body is ready to start the day. Now I am not that person who wakes up early ready to go for a run. I still have to drag my body out of bed and need an insane amount of coffee to keep me alert in the office.
I find myself making up excuses just to go home after work.
My usual schedule is work, gym, netflix, bed.

A friend of mine last minute asked if I wanted to go on an adventure, but he didn’t know where we were going yet.
A voice inside my head said “On Fridays you do laundry so you can’t go”.
Did I almost choose to do laundry on a Friday night instead of going out with a friend??
I think I yawned when I said yes I will go….

Summer is not complete without a few stops to Surf Taco.
Growing up on the Jersey Shore, burritos and tacos are a big part of our diet.
I can remember being a teenager at the beach with friends and we would order burritos for delivery to eat right on the beach.
Go get yourself a taco today!

I find that right now in life I prioritize my job first and fun very last.
I constantly make up excuses to stay home and organize my closet by color instead of going out. So what if I am too tired the next day at work?
It is about time we start enjoying our lives and make fun a priority.

After dinner we went for a drive without a destination in mind.
One of the best parts about New Jersey is you can get in your car and in 40 minutes can be in Philadelphia, NYC, the beach or in farmland.

The sunset last night was gorgeous so we decided to go to Sandy Hook. img_0469-1img_0470-1

Even though I live at the beach I hardly spend any time at it.
I also rarely spend time at any other beach but my own.
The most beautiful things in life are free.

Just another day in paradise!


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