be your own sunshine

wear it wednesdayWork is sometimes the last place I want to be on a beautiful sunny day.
The only thing worse than going to work on a sunny day is having to go on a perfect beach day! I try to wear colors to work as much as possible because work can be so blah at times. I have such a bubbly energy at work I try to keep my appearance fun as well to try to hide how exhausted I am! (Outfit details at the bottom of this post!)

After a long day at work, my mom and I went to Stay Gold to grab salads and enjoy the weather. Usually most days after work I will crash on the couch but my mom I started to do weekly dinners together. With my new work schedule I feel like all I do is work and have no fun!! How do you find time in your day for adventure?

IMG_0027IMG_0026IMG_0029 (1)FullSizeRender (31)IMG_0038IMG_0039IMG_0040

[Outfit details: Dress, Necklace (last season J Crew)]


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