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I just want to say that when I started this little blog I never wanted to get political or sound like a sociology textbook. I started this silly thing because I like to write and I miss writing papers.

With the recent events I cannot keep my mouth shut about this issue much longer.

Why It Matters To Me

Tonight my heart aches. Tonight I can’t form one sentence to express how I feel. Tonight prayer is not enough. Tonight I want to hold all of the children in the world to protect them. Whenever I hear about a shooting in Philadelphia I pray it is not one of the children I tutored while in college. Those children became my babies and have a special place in my heart. Because of the color of their skin I worried that they might get hurt or not make it through high school because of our society. I read Jonathan Kozol to learn about the exceptions, but also America’s failure to provide an inadequate society for our children of color to grow up in. Tonight I wish I was in Philadelphia holding my babies and promising that this will never happen to them. But for these elementary school children, my babies have already experienced this in their lives. Black Lives Matter. All Lives Matter. My Babies Lives Matter.

Why Race Never Mattered To Me

Growing up I spent a lot of time at my aunt and uncle’s house and they had foster children living with them at the time. It was always a house full of children so hello, it is every kids dream! I spent hours everyday playing with kids and having a great time. It never occurred to me that they were a different skin color. In preschool my first friends were Natalie and Sarah and we were inseparable. Natalie was black and Sara was adopted and did not look like her mother. Since I was never told that race existed I never saw color. In Kindergarten my BFF was this girl named Christina and we spent everyday together. She was also adopted and did not look like her mother. My first few friends in life did not look like me, but they were my best friends. I do not know when I learned about race or where I learned it from. It is a very weird coincidence that my first friends in life were adopted or did not look like me. Even with media and society telling me to notice race I actively try to ignore it telling me how to think.

What Can You Do

This is what white people can do to support #BlackLivesMatter
Washington Post

Educate Yourself

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Talk to a friend and talk about racism you see everyday around you. It exists…even if you do not see it.

Don’t roll your eyes when you hear about the subject. Ignorance is the worst form of racism.

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