a patriotic weekend

You would think that living on the beach would be the perfect life, right?! Days spent at the beach and not a care in the world? Nope!
Since it was Fourth of July Weekend my family and I had to get creative on how to have fun away from the beach and tourists. We decided to visit a brewery in a nearby town and bring our friends from Alaska who are staying with us for the week.


The last place we wanted to be was at a crowded bar during the holiday so this was a great experience to try. After a “tour” we went to the rooftop and got to sample beers. This brewery has a lot of beers with very high alcohol levels. Very high! It is definitely a cool thing to do during the summer when you just want to grab a drink with a friend- did I mention it’s free?!?

IMG_0116IMG_0122IMG_0121IMG_0124FullSizeRender (28)FullSizeRender (30)

A trip to the brewery was planned very last minute and I was outside sunbathing/snoozing when I was told to get in the car. I was wearing my traditional July 4th swimsuit (I only wear a one piece once a year) and threw on some navy blue shorts. What should have made me look like a hot mess and lazy in a bathing suit, I actually loved my outfit!

IMG_0105IMG_0107FullSizeRender (29)IMG_0130

[Outfit details: red one piece swim suit, navy shorts (out of stock but similiar here), watch, sunglasses,  lip color (out of stock but I l o v e it!), nail polish, bag (vintage)]


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