Summer Bucket List

Today is the first day I am not wearing pants to the office in 2016 and I am so excited. Wait, I should clarify that… today I am wearing a skirt to the office and I am so excited!! The past few weeks have been rainy and freezing here at the beach so I kind of forgot that it is MDW already!

There is a lot I want to do this summer and it is nice to have a few extra dollars for some silly spending now that I have been working an adult job for a year.


  1. A new hat

Seems like a silly purchase I need to make this summer, but my Irish mother has always warned me about squinting in the sun because it causes wrinkles. When I was in high school no one ever wore hats at the beach and I looked silly with a baseball cap on because my mom said so. But now there are so many cute beach hats that I need… I mean want! In my twenties protection from the sun has become a big priority now that I am an adult and skin is something you think a lot about now.


  1. New Swimsuit

Do I need another one? No. Do I want another one? Absolutely! I am actually embarrassed to admit how many bathing suits I currently own. To give you an idea, I threw out 5 bathing suits recently and I still can’t fit all of them in a drawer! Since Victoria’s Secret is discontinuing swimsuits I see myself buying a few of them while I can. I reallllly want this one from Target. It is perfect for the fourth of July and I love how the style of it is very unique.


  1. Theme Parties

I might still be living with my parents this summer, but I plan to have a lot of parties this summer. Since I am my mother’s daughter, there will be a theme for each party. My mom does not just throw a party she throws a theme party and from the napkins to the décor- everything is perfection. I have a big backyard and a long summer to find ways to spend time with friends! The Dollar Bin at Target  has been my favorite place in the world to get decorations for parties. The dollar bin always turns into the $30 bin LOL



  1. Fitness

I get realllllyyy lazy in the summer when it comes to working out and I want to make sure I continue my workout schedule. I hope to take advantage of living on the beach and going for runs on the boardwalk instead of the treadmill. I recently got all new fun and cute summer work out clothes so lets hope I actually go!! If I will be wearing a bikini again, I will need these workouts to get my body back into shape!


  1. Summer Bedroom Décor

I have my winter bedding and room décor and my summer bedding and room décor. Now I have to find the time to actually put away my winter blankets and switch out my comforter. I am on a mission to purge as much as my room as possible and get my winter stuff put away in storage. This usually takes days to do, but decorating my room for summer is some motivation to get it done. After a few trips to Target and HomeGoods my room should be ready! I got a pink polka dot pillow last summer and now I see it everywhere on the interior design blogs I follow. A new blog post will be up soon with the final result.



  1. Day Drinking the Classy Way

I love brunch and hope to spend Sunday mornings with friends enjoying mimosas in Asbury. I have a feeling that brunch will be my new weekly must do!


  1. Buy a bike

For many reasons I have gone without a bike for many years. In my town no one drives, but everyone bikes. I really want this one!!!! When I was a teenager, every summer my friends and I would bike 5 miles along the boardwalk to start the day for fun. I hope to get back into it as a fun way to fit fitness into my day!


  1. Plan a Weekend Trip

I had been wanting to a do a lot of trips this summer, but then I found out I would be working Monday- Saturday so my summer plans were destroyed. That does not mean that I cannot plan a mini weekend trip though! I would love to travel to: Philadelphia, Washington DC, Maryland or even to another local town in Jersey I have not been to in a while.


  1. Summer Reading

This summer I hope to take advantage of my library card because in the summer all I do is read and that can become a very expensive hobby. In my process of purging aka throwing out all of my belongings I realized that I had a lot of books that I could get rid of.  I love books, but I would much rather read and then return it! Some suggestions…

What are some of your summer reading books?



  1. Eat somewhere new every week

Where I live there are a ton of restaurants and many of them I have never been to! I hope to get away from my usual spots and try new places. There are so many restaurants on the boardwalk that are calling my name!



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