I didn’t wake up like this…

Since middle school I have always had bad skin so while some people can just roll out of bed and just start their day I need to commit a few minutes in the morning to make myself presentable. I have figured out how to control my acne and not to dry out my skin because of all the drying products I may use. The most important lesson I have learned in life when it comes to skincare is moisturize, moisturize and moisturize! It really has changed my skin for the better and I know I will thank myself for it later. Some people use expensive products from Sephora for their skin but besides a blemish here and there I am pretty lucky that I can get most products from the drugstore. I will be investing in higher end products soon so please suggest your skincare must haves!

I am not a morning person and will never be a morning person. But now in the real world, I need to get myself out of bed and to a job by 8am. Back in college if you were late to a class it was no big deal, but now I have a boss and being late is a big no no! I try to spend as little time on my face in the morning, especially if I will be wearing makeup that day because time is very limited. Here are my morning essentials that I use every day and can all be found at Target or a CVS.

morning skincare routine

Skincare Routine It is called a routine for a reason, because you should do the same thing every day to prevent yourself from becoming lazy. You can become lazy in a lot of things in life, but your skin shows signs of laziness that are difficult to hide! I keep all of my morning products on my sink so I know what I am using when I am half asleep in the morning. My bathroom is filled with a ton of products but I keep my morning routine simple because I am always in a rush. I am not a morning person and back in college it was like no big deal if you were late. Now I have a boss to yell at me if I am  not in the office at 8am.

Wash and Go! At night I spend a lot more time washing my face trying to get makeup, dirt and residue from the day off my face. In the morning I don’t have that time, so I just wash my face with a simple face wash like this one. If I need some help exfoliating some more I just use a wipe like these to  use for scrubbing.

Acne I struggle with acne so in the morning I just dab a little zit cream here and there where it is needed. In the morning I don’t have time to fuss over it and at that point it’s as good as it’s gonna get! I have used prescription medications and stuff you find in a drugstore and find they do the same thing. I usually buy whatever is cheaper and this one keeps coming home with me.

Moisturize I actually use a few types of moisturizes depending on what I need for my skin at that time. I fell in love with the Neutrogena moisturizer because it is not cakey and just feels like water on your face. It is amazing! Most moisturizers make my face oily but with this one my skin absorbs the product. I usually put on moisturizer at my vanity an then blend my makeup with it because I need less foundation and it blends nicely.

Sunscreen Growing up with my mom she has always stressed the importance of sunscreen. She was a beach kid and back then there was no such thing as SPF and no one really cared. Now since I grew up as a beach kid she always lathered me up in sunscreen and my skin now looks great because of it. If I know I will be out in the sun I use a thin layer of sunscreen under my makeup to prevent sun damage to my face. If you want to be tan, go get yourself some Jergens and your skin will thank you later!


Nighttime Skincare Routine
At night I finally have the time to invest more time in my skincare routine. While it may be a pain to spend time in my bathroom scrubbing my face while  I just want to go straight to bed. I know the next morning (and 40 years down the road) I will thank myself for it!
Wash the day away: I stick with Neutrogena products when it comes to my skin. They are effective enough to get my makeup off and treat my skin problems.
Exfoliate: Once a week I use my Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System to get a deep scrub. I bought mine years ago at Costco and it still works just as well as the day I got it. I see improvements on my face immediately after using it and after a few days I can’t wait to use it again.

Mask Time: In college, I stole a roommates face mask and since then I have been obsessed. Freeman Feeling Beautiful has a ton of them that comes in different scents and treat your skin in many different ways. If I am watching TV at night I just put one on and let it work its magic!

Moisturize: In the morning I use a moisturizer to prevent my skin from drying out because of the heat or freezing temperatures outside. At night I use a moisturizer that treats my skin for some of my skin issues. I have always had splotchy skin and acne fading scars that last forever after a blemish goes away. After using the Olay Regenerist Luminous moisturizer my skin looks so much healthier and  it worked miracles on my skin!
I am always looking for new products to try so let me know what you use! Now that I have some money in the bank for silly spending I want to try a higher end product from Sephora. So please send me your suggestions!
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