Red, White, Blue & the Crew

Every year I look forward to this long weekend because it is the beginning of summer. Now that I am an adult it is a reminder that summer is no longer a holiday but just another season. In years past, I would spend hours on the beach everyday, but those days are officially over. Now MDW is a little more significant because it is a little vacation from the adulting world! I did not go anywhere for the holiday but we never do since our front yard is the beach so we stay at home and do some Benny watching. Being an adult with a job it is really difficult to get friends together since we all live different lives and have our own struggles. I was so happy to learn that a lot of my college friends could make the time over the weekend to drive a few hours to come to the beach for the weekend.


I had to work on Saturday morning but I spent the majority of the week getting the backyard cleaned up and ready for guests. I love my backyard because to me it does not feel like just a regular backyard but a little vacation paradise. Unfortunately, for it to look like that it takes a lot of work like weeding, picking up leaves and vacuuming. (Yes, I am that crazy person who vacuums her sidewalk) All of the work paid off because once the summer table and chairs were brought out and decorated it was everything I wanted it to be!

How to Throw a Dinner Party Like  a Real Adult

In college throwing a party involved cheap pizza and beer but now that I am an adult I want to have more grown up parties. For years I helped my mom set up for her parties and every little detail was perfect!  There is no greater pleasure than finding a reason to throw a party and spend time with friends. Right now in life it is very difficult to get all of my old college friends together. A lot of them moved to different states, started jobs, went back to school and are busy trying to figure out this whole real world thing! But by throwing a dinner party with enough time in advance to get everyone together to sit around a table, drink, enjoy great food, and laugh until it hurts!

Dinner Party Tips

  1. Bring a host/hostess gift
    The best way to show appreciation is by bringing a little something for the host/hostess. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive, but try not to show up empty handed. My friends brought me fresh sunflowers and unique drinks we had never had before which are small gestures but meant so much to me!
  2. Make a seating chart
    To avoid awkwardness when deciding where to sit or friends not sitting together take an extra minute when setting up to make name cards. It helps the conversation flow better and helps people who may not know each other start a conversation.
  3. Have the food prepped and ready
    Conversation goes smoothly when people don’t have to keep getting interrupted or  getting up when food is being cooked or served. If it is your party you want to be there and not in the kitchen!
  4. Set the table the night before
    You will be running around trying to finish everything the day of so make sure the table is set so you can have one last thing to worry about. People will always come early so when they do it at least looks like you are ready!


I was inspired to put together a Memorial Day themed table-scape to celebrate the start of summer. Living at home means I have all of my mothers linens and dishes to use (and there is a lot!).I went to Target as well to pick up a few decorations to add some of my personal touch to the decor as well. The dollar bin accidentally turned into the $30 bin but it was so worth it! Once I have a theme I cannot resist adding a few things here and there to make it complete!

Table Details: blue plates are old but similar here,  white bowls are on major sale here, Anchor Large Glass Water Carafe, candle holders, ceramic stars, decorative pillows, medium size candle holdervase,  sunflowers from Wegmans,  tablecloth , runner (old material folded to look like a runner)

FullSizeRender (4)IMG_6630IMG_6631IMG_6632

Of course, we cannot forget the alcohol!


Bar Details: Gin & Tonic, Passion Fruit Kicker, Hi!Domaine Chandon Blanc de Noirs – Party Edition, Blue Ice Bucket (old from Costco), Table cloth (A twin sheet), Chalkboard (Target dollar bin)

And finally… have fun!

Of course there are things I could have done better, could have planned better and should have done! But my friends were so sweet and appreciative of the weekend because in the end we were all together. On Saturday night we sat around my backyard for hours talking until we realized it was almost midnight and we still were in our bathing suits.


Bathing Suits: Target


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