Weekend To Do List

In college and all of my years of schooling I always had a to do list. Year after year the to do lists only got longer and longer! Now that I am no longer a student (for now) my to do lists have turned into more fun relaxing things to do instead of writing those hundreds of papers or having to finish reading a book in one night. My to do lists are full of errands and my weekends are spent outside of the library and in sunlight which was rare back in school!

When you no longer are in school you lose a lot of structure in your life which was the biggest struggle for me. For years classes and homework assignments told me where to be and what to do. Now on weekends I find I have a lot more free time but if I do not make a to do list it goes by all too quickly!

A lot of friends have recently graduated from college (congrats) or are home from college and I see them posting that they are so bored. What I would do to trade lives with them! I would love to not have to work and be “bored”! No matter where you are in life a to do list is always a good idea because “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Things To Do This Weekend

  1. Go to Trader Joe’s

Or Costco, or Wegmans or to Whole Foods… Find a reason to get out of the house this weekend and be productive while you are out. Food shopping has turned into one of my favorite things to do now because I can pick up food for the week and I know what I am eating for dinner or lunch that week. I also like to get fresh flowers while I am out because it just makes a room so inviting. I do not have funds for silly spending but I try to have flowers (or fake flowers) around me as much as possible. Something I think I picked up from my mom.

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2. Wash your sheets and make your bed!

I wash my sheets every week and put in Downy Unstopable Scent because it lasts all week. It gives me a whole week of a fresh scent and makes going to bed so relaxing. Also, you are an adult. You should be washing your sheets yourself more often now that mom isn’t around to remind you! Your room looks so much cleaner even with a pile of clothes on the floor if your bed is made. FACT!

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3. Start a new book

While I love my Netflix I need to start cutting off my dependence of technology. In the summer I read a lot more books so this weekend is a great time to pick up a new book to read. Right now I am starting the Game of Thrones books so that will take me all summer to read since each book is like 800 pages long. I found the original copies of the books at Goodwill for a quarter! I love the show so I want to see what the books are like since the book is usually almost always better.  Me Before You is about to be a movie so I need to read it before I see it.  I have a whole stack of books by my bed just waiting to be read so I cannot wait to sit on the beach or by the pool and just read for fun!


4.  Buy a new scented candle

I have started an obsession with candles and I feel like whenever I am home I have one lit. Bath and Body Works is where I get mine because they last forever and the smell fills the whole house. During Christmas time you could smell our Christmas tree candle throughout the whole house and even a block away. Now I plan to make my house smell like a summer resort! Go out and buy a candle, I promise you will not regret it!

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5. Organize Something

Every weekend I pick a new project or space to organize. Once a month I reorganize and purge my closet because it is a space used often and becomes chaos quickly! I also try to organize my pantry or linen closet when I get a chance. If done regularly it does not take long but can be so rewarding after. I have slight OCD so I love to see things where they should be and in order. I like to have my closet and vanity cleaned and organized so I can start off the week in a good mood.

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6. Put away winter clothes

Even though it feels like summer will never come it is time to start switching out my closets from winter to spring. My sweaters and Uggs will be packed away and hopefully I will be able to wear one of my dresses someday if this weather ever changes! My closet is slowly changing from my black wardrobe to fun summer colors!

7. Nameste

It has been a while but i want to start going to my Sunday morning yoga class again. It is at 10am and being forced to wake up early and do some stretching helps me fully enjoy my Sunday. I usually just sleep the whole day away but when forced to put on some leggings and leave the house I get so much done before noon! I try to reward myself with Starbs on my way home to congratulate myself for getting out of bed. Very little gets me out of bed in the morning but coffee will do it!


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