Spending the day with Chip & Joanna at Magnolia Market




On a Saturday a few months ago I woke up really sick and was confined to the couch all day with a box of tissues. I put on HGTV and started an all day binge watch of the HGTV show Fixer Upper. After just one episode I fell in love with the show. When our family trip to Texas was getting closer I started planning the sites to see and things to do. Texas is a very large state. I mean like it is a few hour drive or a plane ride to get to another city large! In New Jersey, in an hour you can be in NYC or Philadelphia! We had to be strategic and smart with our sightseeing while in Texas. But then I remembered that Fixer Upper was filmed in Waco, Texas. I started to do some research and learned it was only a two hour drive from where we were staying.

On a rainy and chilly Wednesday we got in the car and started our drive to Waco, Texas. More specifically, we were on our way to Magnolia Market, the shop that the Fixer Upper co-stars own and work at on the show.

While I was there I “checked in” on Facebook and a lot of friends were intrigued and jealous! I thought I would share some photos of Magnolia Market with you along with what I purchased and some items on my wishlist!

But First…..I did my research!

Things You Need To Know Before Going to Magnolia Market 
courtesy of House Beautiful

An Up-Close Tour of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Farmhouse
courtesy of Good Housekeeping

Magnolia Market
Waco, Texas


The store ended up being more of a museum of what your house could look like if Joanna came in and decorated it. My mom and I had our phones out taking photos of everything thinking we can totally do this when we get back home. Instead of a traditional store layout of having items on shelves, Joanna has tables decorated and has items for sale in baskets underneath or on the floor.


Items I NEEDED to have!
A lot of what is sold in stores is also sold online but I could not resist picking up a few items. Below is just a few things I bought from the store.



Wait… Didn’t I just see that at Target??

A lot of the items and decor I saw looked familiar and I realized that I had seen them at Target! Head on over to Target or HomeGoods to get the look for a lot less. Joanna decorates with antiques and thrift store finds on her show and has Magnolia Market mass producing unique and antique treasures. If you have the time, spend a little time treasure hunting and be inspired by Joanna’s style!


In case you have not become obsessed with Chip & JoJo  like I have you can start binge watching on Netflix and add Joanna Gaines on Facebook!

season twoPhoto courtesy of Joanna Gaines

































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