Breakfast Nook


When the weather starts to get warmer the furniture in my house gets rearranged. A lot.  One of my favorite summer rooms is our breakfast room in our parlor. In the winter, it’s a library and rarely used.  In the summer, it’s a room that receives the best sunlight from the windows so it’s no question it’s my favorite room in the house. I am looking forward to many meals in our new eating area nook!


Over the weekend we moved our drop leaf table out of our old tv room and into the parlor. When it comes to decorating it’s best to keep it simple because it will primarily be used for eating. The chairs are Ralph Lauren we found at a Goodwill for cheap! Hopefully in the next few weeks flowers will start popping up so I can decorate this space with fresh flowers. I was reading a lot of Southern Living magazine getting inspiration and asking myself WWCJD (What Would Chip & JoJo Do?). Slightly obsessed with the show Fixer Upper can ya tell?! Instead of going out to buy items I am just shopping our closet because we already have the rustic items but now we have new inspiration for them!


I took the wrapped up twigs out of our winter decor box and put them on the table to create a rustic look. It is  old from Pottery Barn but we still use it every year! The twine spools with scissors are an item I picked up at Magnolia Market while I was in Texas. If you have anyone in your life that likes to sew, this is a perfect gift! On Sunday, my family and I went to the new Whole Foods in town and I found this succulent that I neeeeeded! It was also just $3 so if I kill it, I won’t feel that bad!

This is definitely a space you will see a lot in photos this summer!

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