Packing Tips

Wait, didn’t I just pack this suitcase last week? A week and half ago I left the airport to go to Atlanta, Georgia and today I am all packed back at the airport to go to Florida. A few years ago I never left the state except to drive to Pittsburgh to see family. However, now I feel like I am traveling a few times a year visiting new places.

I hate packing because I am that person who wants to pack up their entire closet and take it with them. Right now I am starring at a stack of clothes that need to be steamed and put in a suitcase. With that being said, I have so much to do before I leave for the airport in a few hours so of course I am blogging instead of packing!

How To Pack

  1. Make Your Outfits A vacation or trip is supposed to be fun right?! One of the biggest pains is waking up and trying to find something to wear. Before I begin to pack, I start to plan outfits and pack pieces that I can mix and match to get the most out of each item I pack. I plan outfits for brunch, sight seeing, a fancy dinner and to do lounge in.
  2. Iron/Steam I try to have everything ironed so when I am away I have everything ready to wear. It is annoying to do all at once, but I promise it makes getting ready in the morning a lot easier. Be sure to roll everything in your suitcase to prevent clothes from wrinkling!
  3. Invest in travel size versions of your favorite products. Sephora does a great job of this! I can go to Target and get my basic travel size toothpaste and such, but I also like to go to Sephora to get travel size moisturizers and perfumes.
  4. Don’t check your bag, but only travel with a carry on sized bag. It may be my flying anxiety, but I don’t like to check my bag because it creates unnecessary time trying to retrieve a suitcase or my worst fear of losing a suitcase. Choosing to fly with just a carry on also helps with packing because it prevents me from overpacking. On my trip to Florida, I actually under packed… I left room in my suitcase and travel bag for the shopping I will be doing.
  5. Wear the shoes that take up the most room at the airport. I would love to wear pajamas and sneakers to the airport, but I try to wear my boots are the shoes that take up the most room in my suitcase to save room.

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