Adding Botanics Simply Calm Facial Oil to my Fall Skincare Routine + Review

I’ve been focusing more and more on skincare the last few years to help my skin look good now and in years to come. I’m always trying new creams and tools to get results but then I saw everyone using facial oils. I haven’t used serums and oils as much because honestly I didn’t know where to even start. Facial oils can be expensive and sometimes buying the most expensive one will not work for your skin. We use oil serums in our hair and see immediate results so I wanted to get in the habit of using facial oils on my skin. I was excited when Botanics, a natural and organic skincare company that you can find at Ulta or Target, reached out to send me their Simply Calm Facial Oil.

One of the benefits of using oils is that their are so many on the market that you can pick and choose a facial oil that works best with your skin type and needs. Botanics Simply Calm Facial Oil is great for sensitive skin because it is natural and organic so there are no unnecessary ingredients in the formula. An added ingredient in the Simply Calm Facial Oil is cannabis sativa seed oil to help calm your skin and gets rid of redness while keeping it hydrated. Most products mask redness while this facial oil seeps into your skin to calm your angry skin with the cannabis sativa seed oil.

This summer, I used the Botanics Simply Calm Facial Oil in the morning and at night after I washed my face. Even after hours in the sun and layers of sunscreen, my face looked healthy and not irritated with product build up or sun exposure. This fall, I will keep using it daily to help my skin as the seasons change and we switch from AC to heat at home.

Most days I can go without the makeup because my face looks so good and a big part of that is adding a facial oil to my skincare routine. I’ll apply it to my face using the stopper on my forehead and cheeks before rubbing it in. Once my forehead and cheeks have product rubbed into them, I continue down to my neck and rub off the extra product on my hands there. Reminder to use your hands going up your neck never down while applying product to your face! The oil smells good and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. At night I’ll wait a minute before I apply my night cream before I hop into bed. My face is dry by the time I walk to bed and don’t notice any stains on my sheets which was a worry for me at first. I’ve been loving this product and hope you do too!

Products were received complimentary from Botanics but as always, all opinions are my own.


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