Hello, April

March was a busy month with two holidays, spring weather one week and snow the next day and lots of fun jammed into one month. March is always a confusing month because you can never plan for the weather. I last minute was invited on a ski trip and there was no snow and it was chilly on Easter ruining any energy I had to put on a dress for the occasion. Once again I am sharing this months favorite things. 🙂 Header 1

Work: Like many of my fellow graduates,I have been working since June and I am just about done with this whole working thing. Is it too early to retire?? My work week is just one big blur of the same over and over anddd over again. I am hoping with this warm weather coming soon getting out of bed will not be this difficult! I bought a bunny pen at Target in the Dollar Spot Bin and it is now my favorite even though no one in the office can take me serious when I use it. But whatevs!
The only thing getting me through the day is snacks and more snacks. My diet this month has been jellybeans #NoRagrets

Also, your April Desktop can be found HERE


Gym: I am going to Texas in two weeks (YAY!) but I need to be fit and pretty in the dress for a wedding and I found out we will be on a lake so I have to be swimsuit fit. BRB going to go cry in a corner and eat cookies. I am obsessed with my Fitbit because it really helps me stay motivated to work out. It also shows you how lazy you are when you do nothing all day! I am also addicted to my Pilates class even though it makes me cry when I leave. A lot of pain but worth it for the abs 😉


Netflix: Alert the media! I have run out of shows to watch on Netflix.
House of Cards and Fuller House were both finished within 48 hours. Looking for suggestions on a new show to binge watch!

(PS Who needs a significant other to cuddle with when I have a cat??)

Products I Love: I have been super lazy lately and relying on dry shampoo more than I should. Also when I don’t feel like doing that much work to my hair I have been using a Paul Mitchell product I got from the girl who does my hair. Just a small amount makes it smooth and shiny!

Home: One trip to Target and my whole house got decorated with special finds from the dollar bin!

FullSizeRender (14)

I am also dedicated to spring cleaning this year.
I am purging and organizing everything I can to make everyone’s life a little more simple.
Check out my earlier post the magic of decluttering and organizing to be inspired to clean out your closets. This month I am tackling a new part of the house to clean and purge!


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