packing for texas

As I am writing this post I am wearing my warmest cashmere sweater with winter pants and I am still freezing! It is early April and there is no sign of spring. With the weather being in the thirties and snow in some areas packing for warm weather is a difficult task. As much excitement Texas brings I am staring at my closet wondering, what in the world am I going to bring? I have spent a good amount of time in the South to understand it is warmer but I have never been as far down south as Texas! We have a family wedding, travels, and adventures planned so again I ask, what in the world am I going to bring? After taking everything out of my closet and putting it on my floor outfits started to come together.


When in Texas, you wear denim! The night before the wedding my family is having a casual-ish dinner with jeans and boots as dress code.  As a girly girl, wearing jeans to a rehearsal dinner is not going to happen! I decided to pack a J Crew denim dress that is casual but dressy with the right accessories. I am also bringing a denim shirt that I can wear with white shorts when we are going on day trips to places. I had a cute Lauren Conrad faded chambray shirt that keep the look preppy and is super comfortable.
J Crew Dress
LC Denim Shirt



You cannot go south without some Lilly in your suitcase! I decided to bring my more casual long sleeve dress with me so I can wear it to sightsee or go out to dinner with the family.

For the rehearsal dinner for my cousins wedding it is casual with a Texan theme. People are suggested to wear jeans but me being me, I cannot just wear boring jeans! I decided to bring a J Crew denim dress and made it dressy with suede booties and a belt.

I am so excited to reveal my dress I chose for the wedding. It is something I do not usually wear but when I tried it on, I knew I needed it!

Sightseeing Essentials

I have no idea what the weather in Texas will be like. As I am shivering in Jersey writing this post I am dressed for winter. My body is not prepared for warmer weather! My wardrobe is also not ready for spring or the South! I am bringing J Crew button downs that I can wear with shorts or white jeans depending on the weather.

Factory petite gingham button-down shirt : Petites | J.Crew Factory


There will be lots of walking! The problem with packing is that shoes take up so much room in my suitcase but I want to bring them all! I am bringing my Jack Rogers because they are the classic preppy southern shoe. I can wear them with a dress or out sightseeing so they are a trip must have. I am bringing my suede booties I got from Old Navy last summer in the clearance bin for $4. I wear them every day at work and for going out for drinks. Best $4 I ever spent on shoes! Old Navy copies popular styles for less but when they go to clearance they basically give them away for free!

Relaxing by the Lake 

I am officially an adult when I buy a one piece bathing suit. I will be with my family being active by the pool and lake so I thought it was appropriate to get a one piece to keep it family friendly. I got a cute purple ruffle one piece that is adorable but i also brought an old Victoria’s Secret two piece in case there is time for sunbathing.



*None of these are my own personal photos. All photos found on Google.


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