how to sneak in alone time

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On Sunday night I told myself I was going to go to the gym every night this week preparing for my trip to Texas. It is now Friday and I have only gone on Monday and Thursday….
I start my work day a bit earlier than others at 8am and get out of the office (on a good day) at 4:30. You would think I have hours to go have fun and do the things that actually need to get done. But nope, by the time I get home or have a minute to stop it is time for shower and bed! I feel like my life revolves around my job and that is no way to live!

I have taken a break from Netflix- very shocking for anyone who knows me- to start enjoying the daylight and warm weather we will be getting in the next few months. With my laptop collecting dust on my desk you would think I had time to go to the gym or do the face mask I have wanted to do for months or even be able to eat dinner like a normal person.

This week has been a blur and I cannot even remember what I did last month. With my job responsible for shaping my week it leaves little time for me. On Wednesday I went clothes shopping for Texas and when we got home it was already 9pm!!


Here are some steps I will be making to make sure that I can sneak some time in my day for me. Hope you put yourself first and your job second during the week!  A job is temporary but our sanity and beauty sleep lasts forever ! 🙂


Work Out
I have recently fallen in love with the gym (again). I like to spend at least two hours if I am there even if I just walk or bike. I usually get a few frantic phone calls from my parents asking where in the world I am. They think I have run off with a secret boy or I have died in a ditch when I am on mile 6 on the bike LOL . I started to bring a book with me and as a fan of multitasking I get to get my steps in for the day AND enjoy some light reading. Because honestly when was the last time you read a book for fun?? Exactly!!


Set A Bedtime
The rule for me is that I have to be in my room at 9pm. That way I can decide to get into bed early or sit at my vanity staring at my pores and praying my nose gets smaller. Us girls have bizarre things we do when we think no one is looking  and lately I have had zero time to do any of them. But that is also because I have been staying up past my bedtime making myself very groggy all day with zero motivation to do anything productive. When I do go to bed earlier it really changes my whole next morning and day for the better.


Create A Morning Routine
Getting up in the morning is the worlds most difficult thing for me to do. I am not and will never be a morning person. Waking up requires 7 different alarms and my cat jumping on my bed and playing with my feet. I try to make outfits the night before to make getting ready the next morning easy and without using much brain power. With shorter hair it makes hiding bad hair days difficult because I cannot pull my hair up in a ponytail anymore so a full blowout the night before really does save me 45 minutes in the morning! Being smart when it comes to planning your mornings determines on what type of day you will have. At least try waking up on the right side of the bed!


Create A Morning Routine At Work
The first half hour at work I respond to emails and return voicemails from the night before. While I am productive I can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while I respond to my emails (personal and work ones) and gradually start to wake up and begin to function like a real person. I have an entire drawer of snacks at my desk and I keep cereal and oatmeal in there so I never have to worry about breakfast. That way I can make sure I get a breakfast in me before the crazy work day begins! The first half hour of work is usually slow and I try to take advantage of that as much as possible!

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