hello 2016…


Hello friends and happy new year!

I am still in shock that it is already 2016 and even more shocked that we are four days into the new year already. It is the first Monday back at work and on all of the important documents and banking I did today I wrote the wrong date. Hopefully this forgetting the year thing will only last a few more days! Does anyone else write 2015 by habit on papers instead of the new year? No? Just me? Okay…  well that’s embarrassing!

On the first day of 2016 my family and I sat at dinner and reflected on the past year. That itself can be a dangerous and horrible reflection, so we purposely try to avoid looking back and try to look forward instead. Some (many) know about the year from hell my family has had. There were many ups (like my college graduation, my dad joining a band, etc) and many lows and lower than lows. To try and laugh we keep saying that this year cannot be worse than last year, it can only get better! So I am hoping and praying that 2016 for my family and I, that we are only given what we can handle and that it is only uphill from here. The last few months have shown signs that 2016 will be full of more laughs and love so we are hoping for the best.

Last years resolutions were to graduate from college on time and to find happiness. I can successfully say that I have found both. I learned that happiness cannot be found like everything else we want in life (like with a quick swipe of the AmEx. Don’t do that, learn from my mistakes!! ha) but we have to work for it. We have to work towards happiness every single day. There are days when I am tired, hungry and overwhelmed from this post grad life I try to find one positive in the day. Even if I was able to finish my cup of coffee in the morning while it was still hot is an accomplishment! I also graduated from college so YAY! Do you know that only 59% of college students graduate in four year?? Crazy huh? So if you also graduated in May applaud yourself! If you are taking a bit longer, you have a 41% of college students in the same boat. Looking back on it now, I wish I failed a class or two. Being in the adult world is not as much fun as ya think!IMG_5269

This years resolutions are a bit easier than last years! Since working in a real job full time since June my days have become very repetitive. Other people in this PGL agree that it is the same schedule over and over again. And it can become really boring! This year my resolutions look more like a to do list but they are really all about making me get off the couch and do some fun stuff! I feel like I live at the gym (even though I haven’t gone since Thanksgiving! Oops!) but I need to meet new people so maybe I should actually go to one of the fitness classes I already pay for in my gym membership….

I would love to hear what other PGL people have as their New Years Resolutions! Am I the only one who is bored of their daily routine already? How do people make friends? Can you like go to a store and pick one out??

I started this blog a few years ago and forgot about it but I have had a lot of time writing my PGL journey on here to share with people. I was used to no one ever reading it since this was for me because I just like to write. Lately a lot of people have been reading and it makes me excited/scared. If you would like to read more about something going on in my life like my coffee cup collecting, my obsession with couponing, my PGL struggles or how I wash my hair let me know!



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