Thankful on Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great turkey day. I am still stuffed and eating leftovers for every meal. If you have been following along on social media you have been seeing my house under complete renovation. We are talking about taking down walls, installing new floors and a fresh new coat of paint. Two days before Thanksgiving we had the floor guys finish and our house was finished. We had one day to move furniture back in and decorate the house for Thanksgiving. We were all exhausted staying up late after work to get it all finished, but it looks like a real home now.

I’ve been working like crazy lately and enjoyed sleeping late on Thanksgiving (9am). My house smelled like turkey and stuffing, it was the perfect day. My family and I spent the morning last minute cleaning and setting the table for dinner. I wanted to just wear my Lululemon leggings and a sweatshirt to dinner. I searched my closet and decided to wear flare jeans from White House Black Market and a silky shirt I usually wear to work. I threw my Target blanket scarf on as a shawl and used it as a blanket when we all crashed on the couch after dinner.

My mother is actually Martha Stewart! She spent the whole morning baking pies following Martha’s recipes. 

But first, coffee!

I am so happy to have our home furnished and renovated for Thanksgiving!

I am so thankful to have a finished house for Thanksgiving. We already have a Christmas tree up and a few other Christmas decorations are popping up. I cannot wait to share our home for Christmas with you!


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