Tis’ the Season

IMG_5064 (1)Tis’ the season for pretty Christmas lights everywhere! It is impossible not to get distracted while driving because I am looking at peoples homes and not the road. Not good I know! I am lucky enough where I can walk to work and this warm winter we have is a blessing because cold weather and I do not go well together. On my walk home I love to walk around our towns Main Ave because all of the trees and stores are decorated in lights.

I have been trying to find someone to drive around and look at lights with me because I love to see how each home is transformed with Christmas decor.

I was born on Christmas Eve so with my birthday following on a big holiday that the entire world celebrates makes it easy for my parents to have led me to believe that the whole holiday was for my birthday. There was one birthday I was probably four years old we went to Disney and my parents told me the whole firework display and the park decorations were for my birthday. It took me years to connect the dots that the celebrations were  actually for someone else’s birthday…

My town on Christmas Eve has a big event in a park that was across the street from my childhood home. Santa would come on a firetruck and bring a bag of cookies and we would sing songs. My family actually personally knew the Santa so the whole park and town would wish me a happy birthday and sing to me. For a little kid it was a magical experience.

Even though I am now technically an adult every Christmas season the decorations and lights bring back the magic.

*I still believe*



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