i’m exhausted

It is a Sunday night and I am in bed under all of my blankets dreading tomorrow. Monday is always a dreaded day no matter what job you have or how much you love your life. Monday is a day to start fresh with goals and a fresh to do list. This past weekend was crazy busy with a big family Christmas party at my house that required days to clean and finish decorating the house, working on Saturday to help out in my moms office, a surprise visit from old college roommates & another Christmas party at a family members house.

I am going to bed right now with dirty hair and I am trying to see if I can get away with using dry shampoo tomorrow just for one more hour of sleep. Back in college I would schedule in my planner my sleep schedule because without planning my whole day out I would have never gone to bed to do everything I wanted to do in one day. Now in the PGL world my first alarm goes off at 6:30am and I am crawling to my bed around 10pm. Does anyone have any tricks on getting out of bed in the morning? I have not made it to work on time once in two months and it is not acceptable when I walk to work since can see my work building from my front porch!

On Sunday night I plan what days I can go to the gym, my weekly hair appointment, and what night I will go to Wegmans to go food shopping. The highlight of my week is going to the gym on Thursdays and then going to Wegmans for a late night food shopping. It is so nice with no one being in the store and I can get everything without feeling rushed or being trampled trying to get juice. My planner looks more like to do lists than a calendar. I plan what day I can set time aside to paint my nails… I only work 40 hours a week but realize that in the PGL of being an adult, there is a lot of personal and home maintenance that goes on. I learned the hard way recently how bad it can be when laundry is not done in a timely manner.

The clock keeps ticking one more minute closer to Monday and dreading it does not properly define my feelings towards tomorrow. This past weekend involved lots of fun but a little too much partying and no sleep. Six days in a row of working and less than eight hours of sleep. Anyone who knows me understands that is not a good combination!

Thank goodness it is a short week because of Christmas! This year, all I want for Christmas is an entire day to sleep in my bed! Let’s see if a full night of sleep is possible before the year is over…


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