it’s beginning to look like winter

Our house always does a complete renovation with each season. It looks gorgeous but it such a pain in the neck to take down decorations and furniture and then put up more decor. The finished result is definitely worth it though in the end!

The summer awnings were finally put away and we have removed all Halloween and fall decorations to make room for our winter decor. This process takes more than a month it is that much work! We have an entire room in our basement dedicated to winter decorations so the house completely transforms. This past weekend we put up the green garland and lights in all of the rooms and got our fireplace mantles decorated. Maybe since Christmas is such a magical time or that it is my birthday but our house looks like Martha Stewart came by to decorate. Everything is perfectly and strategically placed. Just thinking about it is making me stressed because of the work that goes into our house for the winter!

The decorating just began and I cannot wait for the day after Thanksgiving because that is when we are getting
a tree! More pictures and updates will be uploaded soon!



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