every accomplishment starts with a decision to try

In one month I turn 23 and there are so many accomplishments and signs of growing up that occurred in my life the last year. My time as a 22 year old had so many rights of passage into becoming an adult looking back I can’t believe I was able to accomplish so much in just one year!

  •  I finished two big senior projects, my senior thesis and management consulting proposal which took years and hours to complete but now I have these awesome projects with my name on them.
  • I did a small accomplishment like graduating from college. NBD. An addict so accomplishment was walking across the stage and not tripping as I accepting my diploma. I feel like a deserve a reward for just that accomplishment!!
  • I got my first adult job right after graduation. I have always worked since the young age of fourteen but now it’s nice to see that big pay check go into my bank account every two weeks. I never thought I would come back to my hometown and especially never say myself working for my town at all but this is a very cool and exciting adventure. I know it’s temporary but I am learning so much here. I get the artistic freedom and my ideas are respected. There are few people who can say they enjoy their first job right out of college.
  • My most recent accomplishment is buying my first car all on my own. The car is signed and purchased in my own name after I did all of the research. Adding another expense for myself was even paying for my own car insurance. But a car was something I have wanted and needed for a long time for splurging for a nice, updated, and tech friendly car was worth it.

I have one more month of being 22 so I can’t wait to see what else is going to happen.


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