thanksgiving eve

The night before Thanksgiving is a night where all the young people go out to bars and hang out with old friends. Some high school friends and decided to go to our usual bars to catch up and have a few drinks.

Getting ready to go out turned out to be a lot more difficult than I thought. Going out to our usual spot was so easy in the summer because of cute tops and dresses could easily be pulled off. But now in the winter with the cold weather all I want to wear is my pajamas and a blanket to the bar. Unfortunately that look is not allowed! I decided to wear a black quarter sleeve peplum top. My friends chose similar outfits as well. However when we got to the bar there were all of these newly 21 year olds wearing tiny crop tops and skirts that made me cold just looking at them! What is the age that we have to retire our “youthful” going out clothes? A part of me is tired of the skin showing clothes and feel more comfortable in a loose fitting shirt with jeans.

I see a shopping spree or a letter to Santa to ask for a few new basics for the closet. I’m looking at Express and H&M for some inexpensive clothes to make my wardrobe more age appropriate! I was able to get my birthday outfit for $2 at H&M with a coupon. (YAY!)

Does anyone else feel like they are old when they go out to a bar now? Anyone else feel old when they are among newly 21 year olds experiencing legal alcohol for the first time?? I work out regularly and have a nice toned stomach but I don’t see myself exposing it anytime soon!


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