she said, I think I’ll go to Boston

Day 1 

For years I have been talking about going to Boston with some college friends. The first week of freshman year I became friends with two girls and we remained friends all of those years. Finally after graduation we decided to visit our friend Lola in Boston. I worked until noon on Thursday and then around 2pm my friend Deb and I were on the road!

NJ –> NYC –> Conn. –> MA
  On our trip through Connecticut Deb found out where UConn was so I guess you are never too old to learn something new. 😉

After six hours of driving in traffic we finally made it to my friends house about an hour outside of Boston. Can you tell we were excited to finally make it? hehe Exhausted from the drive we snuggled up on the couch and watched tv. It was nice to watch Scandal with my girls and be able to OMG together.
We woke up super early and took the T   into Boston, or should I say Bahston. After some confusion (Lola ordering senior tickets for Fenway instead of regular adult ones) we got a tour of the Fenway Park.   Hopefully my dad will be okay with me pretending I am a Boston Red Sox fan for the day and abandoning my Pittsburgh Pirates!
  Fenway Selfie with the Girls!!   I could get used to this view!

The day of our tour was when Fenway Field was being used for a football game later that night so the field looked a little off but still very cool to see.
Some original seats from the early 1900s!   
View from the Green Monster Seats!  

I am so ~blessed~  to call these girls my friends! After Fenway we went to the Prudential Tower, 21 stories up in the air and the view was fantastic! You got to walk around the top floor and see all of Boston.

  A trip to Boston is not complete until going through a Samuel Adams Brewery tour! Cheers!

Day 2

On day two we slept a little late to catch up on some much needed sleep. We walked so many miles the day before and we had many more things to see on day two! But first we needed coffee and went to Starbucks, a place Lola and I spent way too many days drinking coffee & chatting in college. Deb was a Starbucks newbie so that was fun to witness after explaining to her a medium was called a grande “Can I a grande coffee?” “What kind?” “A freshly brewed coffee?” HAHAHA We told her to get a Pike Place coffee after she looked very confused…

We decided to drive to Boston this time and I am happy we did. The weather dropped significantly and our bodies were not used to the cold weather. We started out at Faneuil Hall and I still cannot pronounce it so I called it Falafel Hall haha
  Quincy Market was so cute and it was already decorated for the holidays. It was fairytale perfect!
We went down to the harbor and froze to death (almost). It was gorgeous and I hope to see it again when it is warmer to appreciate it better.
You cannot go to Boston without a trip to Mike’s Pastry!!
  I found the place I would like to be proposed to. The worlds cutest bridge in Boston is the ideal romantic spot to be with a significant other. I asked Lola to tell my future husband to propose to me on this bridge but preferably when it wasn’t cold!   Make Way for the Duckling Statue
Of course this picture had to be taken!!
Cheers at Cheers!

Where everybody knows your name!
 Bye Bye, Boston!

Until next time!

We plan on coming back to Boston in the summer to go to Cape Cod since Deb has never been.

A girls weekend I just what I needed after weeks of working and drowning in adulthood.


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