wait, what week is it?

The first two weeks of working are said to be the most difficult. It is when you need to drag your butt out of bed and put on a cute outfit and look presentable to the world. Just a few months ago arriving five minutes late to a class, showing up in leggings or that “cute” sloppy bun look that is far from cute was kind of acceptable in college. Now being just a little late to work gives me this fear that I will be fired on the spot. For my job, if I am not there, the office does not officially open. No pressure there!

My second month of working is coming to an end. Somethings I have figured out and others I still need to learn. Making an outfit the night before and going to bed at a reasonable hour is a good thing. Hitting the snooze alarm is a big NO and I cannot go to bed with watching just one episode of Netflix before bed, just one episode does not exist. There is a lot at work that I don’t know yet, I hope I will eventually get down that all leases go to so and so and only some maintenance issues on properties go to this other person. As much as I do not know I am really good at pretending I know what I am doing. Especially when I get phone calls, people are yelling at me and I have 10 people in my office with opportunities (we call problems opportunities in this office because it makes it sound better). I have been told that I am really good at my job lately and little comments just make my day. In school you learn your value by the grades you get but in the working world, a “grade” is not given out that routinely so often you walk around unaware of how you are doing.

This whole working thing is getting easier and waking up in the morning is not that big of a struggle as it was the first week. I have about 50 more years of working so I guess I have to kiss my youth and care free days goodbye now!


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