photoshop reminds us how beautiful we really are

I never thought I would ever write about a Kardashian or see so much of her nakedness in one day. As Kim K was all over the internet showing the world her naked body I was not impressed. Media shows us girls all the time wearing barely nothing or looking hot making us other girls look in awe of their gorgeous and fit bodies. As a girl I can even say that I look forward to the Victoria’s Secret fashion show every year and I look up to the models who work out for those bodies and abs.

But when I saw Kim K’s naked body all over the internet I felt so much better about my body because I did not look like hers. I do not have an ass like that and it made me remember how much I love my nonexistent butt. It is tiny and cute in its own way. I do not have huge boobs and I am a proud member of the itty bitty titty club. They are not perfect and they are uneven but they are mine.

There are of course things that I would love to change about my body like a zit or would like to wake up with abs. But I remember that I am a real person who likes carbs and does not live in a gym. People can do whatever they like with their bodies. I for one am happy with my body and whatever happens to it in the future I will love it because it is mine.


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