use me

There is this theme in my life that keeps reoccurring. The theme of being used. But I want to look at that word in a different light because being used is not always a bad thing. Yes, there are the instances when people use is for their own gains but people use us when they are not strong themselves and need another person in life to survive.

Even back in middle school I was used for an easy joke during those years where everyone is awkward but too afraid to admit it. In high school people used me because I was smart so they would pretend to be my friend to get homework or cheat off of me on tests.

College shows us new areas of being used than we ever were before. The scary question of who are we going to eat with… We find someone who looks familiar and try really hard to force a conversation about the weather so we don’t have to eat alone. Even sitting in class before it starts we look around and start up a conversation about something random so we don’t have to sit in class in complete science. Then come the boys. To start we also use them in our lives to help fill that void of loneliness and need for wanting to feel like we belong. Yes, boys will use us too for their own list of reasons but like is a game of give or take using people as pawns to get what we want.

After almost 22 years I have learned a lesson early on in life. Being used is not always negative or a bad thing. Sometimes accepting that being used is okay is the first step of a happier life  allowing boys to walk all over us or letting people cheat on us is okay. But when we expect it to go in that direction it doesn’t hurt that much. We can actually use it for our own advantage.



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