people come back into your life for a reason


It is almost halftime of my senior year at college. Lately I have spent time taking it all in around me. The leaves changing on campus this year are more beautiful than they were ever before. Is it because this will be my  last fall on Hawk Hill? Walking to campus is no longer a pain but an opportunity to take it all in and enjoy it. Coffee and lunch dates with friends have changed a lot this year. We talk about the future together and the dreams we have shifting away from superficial conversations and what is going on that weekend.

Bad news never has good timing. Having a rough week meant I was a little out of it and needed a few hugs. Friends who I haven’t seen in months because of the chaos of school and us being all spread out doing our own things.

It means more to me than they will ever know by their efforts of reaching out and doing the small acts of kindness to be in my life when I needed it most. Good friends will always be there and that is one thing I am grateful for. I may not always have As in my classes or be a great student but I will leave SJU with friends who I know who will be there for me for better or worse.


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