left turn up ahead

Family is something that continues to be a very big priority in my life. You would think that with everything we have been through I would stay at school and never go home making my plans after graduation far away from home. It’s the complete opposite however. My first 6 months after graduation are planned, moving home and working at a nonprofit or social service job nearby temporarily and then making my decision and then in the fall I will decide where I am meant to be. In New Jersey, back to Philly, New York City or maybe even follow my dream and go to South Carolina earlier than planned.

I am about to make scary life changing decisions in the next few months but I am so eager to get this new chapter in my life started. Who knows where it will take me. I think that is my favorite part. My entire life has been planned out up until this point. You are born and then you do everything to go to college. But then after college is the real world and it’s up to me now to make those decisions of where I will end up. Who I will be. Who I will keep and let go of in my life.  I have been on this path where I have always been able to look ahead and see what was ahead of me in some way or another. Now it’s time for a sharp left turn making it impossible to see where that road leads to. Scary but exciting at the same time.


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