grin and bear it

When I wake up in the morning it is such a struggle. When I walk over to the mirror over the sink I look into it looking at how much I have changed the past few weeks. My face is drained and has lost that glow it once had. My eyes look dead with no sparkle or hope in them. The bags under my eyes are getting harder to cover up. I pick up my makeup bag and immediately put it down not having the energy to even put it on. My hair looks disheveled and not done but there is no time to do much with it. A fake smile and out the door I go. Spending all day pretending I’m okay and enjoying life when really all I want to do is cry and crawl into bed. Each day gets harder. Hoping this rain cloud over my head will go away.

This is something that so many people go through so it still surprises me that I can feel so alone in this journey. I talk to the right people and get confirmation that it will get better. Tomorrow is a new day! I can only keep smiling and pushing through until the storm has passed me over and I can lose this big rain cloud over my head.


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