Fun Flares

In college I played it safe and looked like everyone else. I dressed like everyone else, had long hair like all of the other girls and tried to blend in. I hated high school because of the feeling of never fitting in and in college I did everything to look like everyone else. Since graduating, I have found that my style has evolved and I like to take risks when it comes to fashion and style. In October 2015, I chopped off 13+ inches of hair to donate to Locks of Love. Then in November I went in for a trim and went for a shorter style. The last year I have been playing with a short stacked bob and now a lob. I feel the excitement of having short hair quickly fading. My hair is so long now compared to how it usually is. A coworker pointed out that my hair was not this long the previous week! It grows so fast, which is awesome when I want to play with it doing different lengths. Continue reading “Fun Flares”