A Very Magnolia Christmas

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Holiday Gift Guide For Mom

I think we can all agree that shopping for our moms is no easy task! What she really needs is a vacation and a day on the couch binge watching her favorite show. Unfortunately, I cannot give our mothers their dream day off! But I can give you a gift guide of things our moms need and want for Christmas!

gift guide for mom



1.Pajamas Don’t underestimate the gift of pajamas! I go to TJ Maxx and pick up new pajamas for my mom every year. It is something that moms may not think they need, but wearing dads shirt to bed and old yoga pants can be replaced with a cozy, matching set of Ralph Lauren pajamas!

2.Socks Funny socks, fuzzy socks, boring socks, dollar bin from Target socks… doesn’t matter! But I guarantee that those socks will be on her feet by the end of the day!

3.Throw Blanket Okay, so this may be a present for myself as well! But whenever we are lounging on the couch I feel like we are always fighting over blankets. We will have a million blankets in a basket, but we always fight over the same one! Now mom can have her *own* blanket (until she is not looking!).

4. Williams Sonoma They always have great kitchen towels, soap sets, oven mitts, and other kitchen items that your mom would love in her kitchen. Did I mention they offer free gift wrapping?!? I always have a pineapple pattern present under the tree for mom!

5.Luxury Face Products My mom is always making excuses on not buying an expensive face cream because she can buy other more useful things for the family instead. Try to get your mom something she has been looking at, but couldn’t justify buying herself. My mom is a big fan of the Lancome products so I grab a gift set from Macy’s every year to give her.

6.Perfume I buy my mom a scent for the year for Christmas. I am a big fan of Calvin Klein perfume, but the Lancome La Vie Est Belle scent is my current favorite. Shopping Trick: Don’t buy the gift set, but just get the perfume alone instead. When it is in the gift set, the perfume is small and you pay for the packaging. TJ Maxx and Marshalls have perfumes that doesn’t have the bells and whistles making it more affordable.

7.Dry Shampoo My mom discovered the magic of dry shampoo after using mine one day.  And now I always find it goes missing! If there is something that your mom *always* borrows, get one just for her!

8. Purse I recently got my mom a wallet for her birthday in November, and what she does not know is that a matching purse is on the way! My mom is someone who will use a purse until it falls apart! Before leaving for one of her girls getaway weekend, my mom texted me asking if she could raid my closet for a suitcase and purse. It’s something she needs, but moms don’t often splurge on themselves!

9. Bite Beauty I recently received some free lipsticks from Bite Beauty to review from Influenster and Sephora. Since the day they have arrived, my mom has been trying to take one that I may not like that much. Instead of hiding my lipsticks, I thought she could get her own! Sephora has a great Bite Beauty lip kit with a variety of colors to try.

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Let me know what you are getting your mom in the comments below! I could use some more gift ideas 🙂

Dear Santa….

Sharing some items on my Christmas wish list!
Some items have already been purchased because I couldn’t wait until Santa delivered them under the tree on Christmas lol

Dear Santa


1.Christmas Pajamas I am a really big fan of pajamas, especially Christmas ones! I purchased these from Old Navy on Black Friday because they are so cute! With my birthday rewards from Victoria’s Secret, I purchased these because I didn’t have a set of traditional plaid Christmas pajamas. And any pajama lover will say they are a must have! They came with free slippers, so I could justify buying another pair !

2.Socks Getting older I realize that buying the things we need in life are not that much fun to buy and they cost money we may not have ourselves. Every year I get a new pack of socks in bulk from Costco because I like to start every year with a fresh pack. But these camp socks from J. Crew are so cozy and cute! I get way too excited for new socks every year, but hey it’s $10 I didn’t have to spend!

3.Boots My Calvin Klein black riding boots are from Sophomore year in college and I still love them even though they are falling apart. When it rains, my feet get soaking wet and the heel is cracking making an annoying sound when I walk. After hours of searching online, reading online reviews and stalking people on Instagram, I decided to splurge and buy the Tory Burch boots on Cyber Monday. They were so sooo cheap that I couldn’t let this deal go unused!

4.Coat I have been drooling over this coat for months! My parents bought it for me this week to put it under the tree and with my employee discount it was a bargain! I see everyone on Instagram wearing it and when I tried it on I knew it was coming home with me. I sized down to get a more fitted look because the coat is boxy. I got a 00 for reference.

5.Coffee Cup If you want to get me a realllly cheap gift that I will love forever, it would be a coffee cup. My current coffee cup collection is really growing and taking over our kitchen at the moment. There are new Christmas coffee cups from Target that are adorable, but I also get them at TJ Maxx or HomeGoods. If you want a cute gift for a friend, get a coffee cup and a box of K Cups! It is something they will actually use and everyone needs coffee!

6.Jewelry Lately I have been wearing more jewelry and not just because it is part of my dress code! I love anything Kate Spade, but I also have my eye on this piece from Tiffany. I saw it in the recent Bridget Jones Diary movie and just stared at it the entire movie wanting it! If you have a small budget but want to get something nice for a friend, a cute bracelet or earrings from Kate Spade are a great gift under $30 but it is nice enough without having to get them much more.

7.Swell Water Bottle I gave them to my parents as gifts, but I realllly want my own! I like to get friends practical gifts they will actually use, and it is cute enough that people will actually carry it around. A lot of my friends now are on a health kick, so this is a great gift for them!

8.Pom Pom Hat It will only be in style this year, but it is so cute that I want my own! I love the white one with the brown fake fur on the pom. I mean, it would be a perfect match to my coat! If you want to get a friend a cozy gift, you can get them a pom pom hat and a scarf set. Something practical and will be used all winter long.

9. Sephora I find that there is a lot of makeup that I want, but can’t justify spending the money on myself. Sephora has great makeup kits that fit every budget this time of year that are a WOW present. If you get a girl friend anything from Sephora, she will love you forever!

10.Cozy Knit Sweater It is a preppy classic that any preppy girl will love. It’s great for lounging Sunday mornings on the couch and at the office. J. Crew always sells them, but I found a cheaper alternative at Old Navy and I hope Santa gives me one for Christmas.

11. Flannel Sheets Again, there are a lot of things we need in life, but we may not want to spend the money on ourselves. On my wish list this year are Flannel Sheets from Martha Stewart at Macy’s. If you know someone who recently got their own apartment, flannel sheets may not be something they have money for, but in the winter they are a must have. They do make getting out of bed in the winter a bit more difficult!