spinning like a girl in a brand new dress

After our heat wave in New Jersey on Easter, the weather has been cold and rainy for weeks! All of my spring dresses have been collecting dust in my closet because we had 60 degree weather making it not dress weather. On Sunday, it finally was warm enough to wear one of my new dresses from the Loft sale I got back in April. Unfortunately, it is sold out online, but it wouldn’t hurt to look in store! I did find a similar one here from Loft. Same dress, just sleeveless!


I wore it to work and all day I had strangers complimenting me on it. I wish I had post its on me so I could just give them the link to this dress because everyone wanted to know where I got it. A bit awkward when you are working at J. Crew and everyone wants to know where in the store your dress is ha!

This dress from the Loft was definitely worth every penny because it is super comfortable, but looks a little dressy too.

Get the full look here:



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