What I Wore This Week 3

Leaving the house every day again comes with a few challenges like an earlier alarm in the morning, planning my meals, and that large pile of rejected clothes in the corner of my room that grows each time I get dressed in the morning. It got so bad this past week that I needed to create a new closet system to make getting dressed easier. This means those pandemic casual clothes are going to the back of my closet to make room for work clothes. It was nice while it lasted ha! Didn’t get a chance to wear a Halloween costume this year because I was sick on the couch with allergies all weekend. No fun!

Being in a classroom means a lot of time on my feet and lots of steps. Thank goodness for cute comfy shoes! /// black cardigan (similar) // white tee shirt (similar) // pants // shoes

A quick trip to the pumpkin patch over the weekend! ///// sweater (similar) // vest (similar) // jeans

Bundled up to keep warm when I walked to the office on Monday. Had a busy day and forgot to take a picture of what I was wearing under my jacket. Ooops! // Black sweater // black jeans // white sneakers // coat // backpack // sunglasses


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