What I Wore This Week 4

I’m a little behind on sharing my outfits on the blog because my life is been so busy lately but I’ve been loving every moment! Almost!! 🙂 I love doing this new series on the blog because it helps motivate me to create new outfits to photograph before work. After more than a year of wearing leggings and considering them to be real pants, I’m excited to shop my own closet. November feels like it flew by and I’m not sure if I’m ready for the Christmas holiday season! The day before we were driving down to North Carolina I was rushing to pack and didn’t have enough time to plan outfits so I just threw everything in a small overnight bag. When we got to my parent’s house it was clear that I didn’t really think my outfits through but luckily I packed enough sweaters to get through the weekend! We enjoyed the warmer temperatures in the South but were greeted with frigid weather when we got back! I didn’t realize I’d be wearing my big parka this early! This weekend I am taking my Christmas wardrobe out of storage so expect to see a lot of red and plaid on my Instagram this month!

BRRRR It has been very chilly the last few days! Working from home in the morning is convenient because I can wear a cute (but old) J Crew sweater with sparkly details and slippers and no one knows!
The release of RED TV felt like a national holiday so I celebrated by wearing red to work. I found this really old Hollister top in the back of my closet recently and love the fun sleeve details.
Another cold day means another sweater to stay warm! I have this sweater from Loft in so many colors and I hope they bring it back because I’m always wearing it on cold days.
A busy day at work before heading to school means a professional look from the waist up! I keep reaching for blouses from Loft to wear under cardigans when I have Zoom meetings. My schedule is a bit of a hybrid model with working from home in the mornings and then in the afternoon I head to school for programs. I need something cute, professional, and kid-friendly so this has been my go-to look.
Another busy morning on Zoom meetings before heading to Jersey for site visits at different schools. A perk of working in schools after-school is that I can wear jeans and sneakers. I stocked up on cute white sneakers over the summer and they have been great to wear keeping up with the kids. I prefer the sneakers from Target since they are inexpensive and I don’t mind if they get destroyed during programs.


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