Princess Style on a Budget

It’s not every day that you can dress like a Princess. Kate and Meghan have closets filled with beautiful designer clothes that this girl just cannot afford. I still love to obsess over what they are wearing and dream of one day owning a pair of those gorgeous heels. One of the reasons that I love Meghan Markle is because she is known for wearing classic pieces that can be worn again and again. Luckily for us, Meghan was just photographed recently wearing very chic sunglasses that were also very affordable. Of course, these under $100 sunglasses sold out within minutes of Meghan wearing them. I was able to find a $15 dupe for the sunglasses at Target. After a few weeks, I was thrilled to see they were restocked so I grabbed a pair as soon as possible. Be sure to grab a pair for yourself before they sell out again!

Meghan Markle Sunglasses //Target Sunglasses Dupe

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