Thicker Looking Hair with L’Oreal Everstrong Shampoo & Conditioner

Over the years I have purchased and have been gifted a lot of shampoos to try and I keep coming back to the L’Oreal EVER line. This shampoo line is free of parabens and sulfates that can dry out your hair over time. Sometimes those promises to give you big, voluminous hair means that the shampoo is loaded with harsh chemicals that can make your hair feel heavy and greasy the next day. When I use the L’Oreal EVER line shampoo and conditioner, I know it’s going to be a good hair day!

Recently, I have been using the new L’Oreal EVERSTRONG shampoo and conditioner to get thicker looking hair. Even though I have thick hair now, I want to use a product that helps make it stronger and healthier, which is how you get that thick hair look and feel. This rosemary leaf smelling shampoo fortifies hair to prevent breakage after just one wash. I can curl my hair easier and my hair feels lighter with a bit of bounce because it’s that healthy!


EVERSTRONG shampoo // EVERSTRONG conditioner


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