Blog and Instagram Round-Up for the Month

Can you feel it? The sunshine is brighter, the days are longer and weekends are for spending time outside. You can just feel that summer is on it’s way after a long day of cold, dark days indoors. I feel like May just flew by so I wanted to do a quick round-up of what I’ve been up to, my favorite products and what I’ve been buying.

Do you have a skincare routine that you do every morning and night? If you don’t or want to learn about some awesome products to use to get amazing skin, click here. On most Sundays, I put up a product review on Blonde Rosie so I have options for every skin issue and budget. Since I’ve been home I’ve been able to take the time to use multiple skincare products to get good skin and I’ve definitely seen seen a real difference. This month, I did a bit of traveling and it was the first time I had to pack an overnight bag in over a year! I got lazy and just brought a face wash and a moisturizer and wow, my face missed my skincare routine!

My parents came to visit this month and I loved the excuse to clean and decorate our home for Spring. I played tourist for the week and showed my parents our city and shared what we did in this post. With the season change, I love walking around our neighborhood and see the flowers bloom, grass get greener and the sunshine brighten the whole city!

Jake and I were joking because we have had a long list of things we want to do in Philly but just never did because of one excuse or another. This month we went to the Philly Zoo, New Jersey for Memorial Day Weekend, the aquarium and resumed our weekly date nights. This is because we finally got a car after being carless for over a year and also because we started to plan our month ahead to schedule a weekly dinner or something to do that is on our list. With a little bit of planning, we are able to have a fun May with fun things to do and still having our lazy days!

Finally got a haircut this month and my hairdresser was very impressed with how healthy it was even though it was so long. I credit to taking care of my hair with the right products this past year.

Now that we are vaccinated things are starting to get back to normal. Back to the old routine of going on errands but these days I get all dressed up even if we are going down the street!

Excited to get dressed up for our weekly dates! We have been going out to eat a lot lately because it’s so nice to try new places and support our neighborhood.

I’m linking my Friday Favorites page where I post what I’ve been loving, recent purchases, and what I’ve been watching. They are full of such good finds you don’t want to miss them!


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