Things That Made Me Happy This Month

I blame the good weather we have been having but I have been having such a great month! Those cold, dark months always put me in a weird funk and I know to expect it and prepare, but nothing makes me ready to handle January through March. It’s usually cold, dark and rainy making my energy levels low and puts me into a weird fog. I swear as soon as April started, the sun came out, I was excited to jump out of bed and I had so much motivation to have a great week.

After my shower at night, I like to spend a few minutes in the bathroom brushing my teeth, flossing and then going into a multi step skincare routine. I noticed results right away when I started using the Olay Retinol moisturizer.

Speaking of moisturizers, I was sent Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Body Cream and holy cow, my whole body smelled like watermelon all day! Yes, it kept my skin shiny and healthy – but it’s worth buying for the scent alone!

After wearing sweatpants for months, I need to get my body in shape to fit into my summer clothes so I’ve been drinking a smoothie for lunch everyday. It keeps me full until dinner and it’s fun to play with ingredients. My smoothie recipe: frozen mixed berries, frozen peaches or mango, a banana, two big scoops of vanilla yogurt, a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, and a handful of fresh spinach.

We have been having fun having movie nights during the week and ordering dinner for a date night. I mentioned in my Friday Favorites post recently about what we are watching on HBO Max. On my own time, I’ve been watching a lot of 90s and early 2000s shows that I never got to watch and it’s been a fun hobby.

Recently, I swapped out the vases and faux florals around the house and it makes the house feel so much brighter! Over the summer I stocked up on some realistic looking flowers from Michaels and Walmart. Much cheaper than buying them every week and don’t have to worry about them dying!

Starbucks iced coffee at home has been a nice sweet treat! It’s cheaper to buy a bottle of it at the grocery store instead of getting one everyday at Starbucks. The best part is that I don’t have to change out of my pjs to get one 😉

I packed away my sweaters and started to pack away my fall and winter clothes over the weekend so let’s hope the warm weather is here to stay!

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