Friday Favorites 5.14

Hopping on real quick to share what I’ve been up to and realized I forgot to share last weeks favorites because life has been so busy! Last weekend my parents came up from North Carolina to spend a few days with us so they got the full tourist treatment. I shared what we did in this blog post. On the night they got to Philly, I hosted a little happy hour at our house for my parents and cousins who also live in Philly before we headed down the street for dinner. We tried a new place called Sally and not only was it so great to go out to dinner again but I could cry tears of joy for the happiness I felt with my big family all at one table again. It had been too long! Jake and I are celebrating because we also finally purchased a car together after being car less for a year plus. We cannot wait to use it for trips to the beach this summer and most importantly to be able to go to the grocery store with a car. Jumping for joy over here!

Jake has been working until 3am every day this week which means I get full control of the tv. I’ve been catching up on the Real Housewives and the new HBO show, The Nevers. Hopefully we can find time this weekend to catch up on Mare of Easttown which has quickly become one of our favorites. If you didn’t watch the SNL skit they did about the show recently, it’s worth watching!

Used this sample size Lancome Idole mascara this week and I am very impressed! I’ve always been a big fan of Lancome mascara and this one adds volume while looking very natural.

I shared a review of the Loreal Everstrong shampoo and conditioner on the blog this week. I was shocked by how much volume I was able to get with my hair when I blowed it out with a hair dryer and even when I let it air dry. This morning in the shower I ran out of shampoo and kept squirting the bottle to make sure i got every drop out!

Made a stop at J Crew Factory while in New Jersey last week and fell in love with these sneakers right away. Super comfy and I love the subtle pop of pink. This headband is also a great dupe for the ones I saw at Anthropologie but a much better price. Last weekend I wore my new headband and sneakers to the zoo and I’ve worn both pretty much every day since. It’s so nice to buy new things to wear and actually get to wear them outside of the house 🙂

This week I finally finished reading The Jane Austen Book Club and started reading The Virgins Lover by Phillipa Gregory.

Does anyone else get anxiety before they leave the house these days? I do and found this article about social anxiety and the pandemic very interesting.

  • Most importantly, we got our second dose of vaccine. WOOHOO!
  • After being carless for a year +, we finally got a car.
  • Had fun exploring the city with my parents and I’m excited to do more things in the city this summer.
  • Our roses are starting to bloom in the backyard
  • Fun trip to Jersey to see old friends
  • Went to the Philadelphia Zoo to see the new dinosaur exhibit. It was so cute!


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 5.14

  1. Great post! I definitely have felt more anxious leaving the house these days than I used to. I’ve been making a conscious effort to go out and do new things though, and it’s getting better. My friends have all experienced the same issue since the pandemic began!

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