I Now Understand the Obsession with Charlotte Tilbury Products

Hot Lips Lipstick  //   Colour Chameleon Eye Shadow Pencil   //   Magic Cream

My obsession with makeup only happened in the last few years after getting my first full-time job and promising myself that I would only buy high-quality products. My high school years, I wore a lot of cheap foundation, pencil eyeliner and the wrong mascara for my lashes. In college, I almost never left my room without a full face of makeup and finally started to learn how to do my makeup. I would usually wear a lot of Maybelline or Loreal, which are still some of my drugstore beauty faves today! After college though when I started to work full time I had some money to spend and I wanted to invest in higher quality makeup. It started when I bought a $25 mascara and while I questioned myself if I would actually notice the difference while I was swiping my American Express at Sephora, I can say now that yes- there is a huge difference!

From then on, I started to do my research and get a luxury brand version of each makeup product I used daily and a drugstore version for everyday looks. For special occasions, I will use my expensive lipstick and when I need makeup to last all day, I will reach for my higher end stuff.  After years of using makeup, I can seriously tell the difference between higher end makeup and drugstore makeup. I still like to use both, but for those days that are going to be a full face of makeup all day type of day, I use my higher end makeup because the quality is there.

I have always believed that you can transform an entire look with a good lipstick. There are days I come into work exhausted,  but can easily look a little more put together with some lipstick on. Relying on dry shampoo for the second day in a row? Throw your hair up in a ballerina bun and put on a good lip color to complete your look. If I have the money, it is what I splurge on because they are reasonably priced and they last forever! I have tried the drugstore dupes and they just don’t last as long as my higher end ones.

I was so excited when Influenster and Charlotte Tilbury sent me a package full of goodies because who doesn’t love a new lipstick? It quickly became my new go-to because it is the perfect nude color that goes with everything. I also received an eyeshadow pencil which makes getting ready in the morning super easy because it takes 2 seconds to apply eyeshadow. When I want an extra glow, I dab a bit of it onto my cheek and blend as a highlighter. The most surprising product they sent me was the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream because this stuff works wonders but also has a bit of a price tag. Some creams are overpriced and are ehh when it comes to results. Nope. Not this one. The Magic Cream is honestly worth every penny and I have never seen a bad review for it.


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