Hair Washing Day Just Got Easier With New My Hair Drying Brush

Holy humidity! It has been a hot couple of days so I am thankful that one of my recent quarantine projects was putting away winter clothes an taking out my shorts out of storage! It feels like Spring flew by because we were all inside while the seasons changed. Now that it is getting warmer, I am spending as much time as I can (safely) outside! Right now I am visiting my parents in North Carolina spending most of my day in the backyard by the pool. In Philly, we have a really nice size backyard so we were eating our meals outside whenever the weather cooperated. I’m now looking forward to my daily shower as a way to cool off but one thing I dreaded was drying my hair. Letting it air dry with the humidity makes my hair big, puffy and super frizzy. I didn’t want to spend 30 minutes with a hair straightener so I needed something that could dry my hair quickly and leave it looking styled without much fuss.

Luckily I was offered to work with Conair and try out their new Knot Dr. Detangling Hot Air Brush. It’s like the similar round brush hair dryers that were very popular a few months ago. After doing some research I read a lot of complaints about hair getting damaged because of the heat and the brush causing a lot of knots. I loved the idea of the product but knew they would not work for me. I’m happy to report that the new Conair version dries my hair quickly and since you can control the heat settings, I haven’t noticed any hair damage. The shape of the brush allows you to dry your hair straight or curled at the end making it easy to change up hair styles. For my girls with thick hair, this hair dryer works on your hair too! I prefer to let my hair air dry a bit before using the hair dryer but when I am pressed for time, I only need to spend around 10 minutes brushing my hair to get it dry and somewhat styled. It only takes me a 6 minutes total to curl my hair when it’s partially dry which is a lot faster than using my round brushes and normal hair dryer!

On my non hair wash days, I have been using the round brush hair dryer in the morning to curl my hair and use heat to tame the frizz caused by the humidity. During the summer months I want to look put together but don’t want to spend time in the heat doing it. Another great feature is how light it is! I’ve heard that other versions are heavy and bulky, the last thing I want is to get an arm workout while I try to dry my hair!

My normal hair dryer is collecting dust on a shelf right now because this hot air brush is all I need to easily and quickly dry my hair! I always use a heat protectant spray before using any hot tools and since switching to a Wet Brush I don’t have any knots in my hair. After waiting for my hair to air dry as long as I can, I’ll spray it with a heat protectant spray and section off my hair in sections to brush dry. I love it! It’s a perfect alternative to straightening your hair and using less heat.


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