Gardening Supplies Roundup

I’m turning the word “bored” into “free time” because right now boredom is just experiencing more free time than we ever had before. When I get bored, I make myself excited that I have time to start a project. I mentioned earlier on the blog about making a list of things to do to keep myself busy to prevent boredom and keep my spirits up. Gardening was one of thing things on my list and now that we have nice weather, I’m excited to get into the backyard and get my hands dirty. Gardening is easy to do and keep up with during the summer months. It doesn’t matter if you live in a house or an apartment, you can easily add some greenery to your home!

This weekend I hope the weather stays nice so I can walk down to my local hardware store because they are selling flowers and supplies. Lowes and Home Depot also have some great deals going on right now if you are able to get there. I’m going to order a few things online so they are ready for us this weekend and I have them listed below. For those living in apartments, start small with an indoor plant and herb garden. I had succulents all around my old apartment because they were easy to keep alive and did a great job of adding some greenery into my small space!

Luckily we already have a table and chairs set that I’ve been sitting at to have my morning coffee in the morning. It’s been marvelous! I grew up spoiled with a couch on a wraparound porch where my family and I would have breakfast and coffee every morning. I’m trying to make our little row home have the same feeling so we can create new memories. Our budget is small and we don’t have that much space but I am determined to create a space that I love to use. I hope you have nice weather this weekend so you can get outside and enjoy some sun while you work on your garden!

Gardening Tools
Watering Can
Gardening Gloves
Potting Soil
With everything going on, Amazon is the best place to order soil right now
Garden Friends
Herb Markers
Patio Set
Ours looks just like this one and it looks a lot more expensive than it is because of the design


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