Staying Productive

Happy Monday! I’m trying to be excited about this week because it’s a new opportunity to have a good week. I woke up this morning showered, put makeup on, did my hair and put on a real outfit. I wanted to go through the actions of having a normal day pre-quarantine. However, I was fortunate to be able to have breakfast outside in our backyard while I made up my to do list for the day. After I finished my coffee, I headed back inside to get some work done. Then in the afternoon I will work on a project around the house before doing some self care to treat myself. There is something that makes me have more energy when I have a project to complete because I can see my hard work paying off right away. I like to end my days with some self care because it’s a nice way to unwind before bed. I’m finally using all of my skincare products that were collecting dust in my cabinet!

I like to stay productive during the week and get excited about the opportunity to be able to tackle some projects around the house. Instead of watching tv in my free time I like to get a project done instead so I keep my body moving. Our house is going to be so clean and organized at the end of this!

Here are some ways to stay productive that can be done in an afternoon or be a fun weekend project!

  • Organize bathroom
  • Organize kitchen
  • Organize closets
  • Organize sentimental things that you keep

  • Clean floors
  • Vacuum
  • Clean windows
  • Tidy front yard
  • Put away winter clothes
  • Unpack some clothes for spring
  • Purge closet
  • Put together a toiletry bag so it’s ready to go for your next trip!
  • Clean backyard
  • Sweep sidewalk
  • Plant flowers
  • Gardening

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