Rethinking Empty Calendars

Every morning I sit down at my dining room table which has become my desk with a fresh cup of coffee, my planner and a notebook. I’ll start up my laptop and review the previous day’s to-do list as I make the new one. Under categories, I break up tasks under home, work, fun, and self care tasks so it doesn’t seem that overwhelming and also find a few few things to place under the fun category – something to look forward to at the end of the day. The reality is that I have nothing pressing to do during the day. Nothing important that needs to get done because what feels like over night, the world has stopped rotating. We are all going through some type of big change – whether you are working through this pandemic at home or not. Our jobs at home have become more challenging. More laundry, more tidying up and where are all of these dishes coming from? My home has always been a refuge after work, a place to unwind and where doing nothing was actually encouraged as I recharged for another work week. But today, I don’t have a job so I don’t need a place to recharge before I head back out the door. Right now I am making my home a productive place and a place to be relaxing as we enter this time of unknown. Even if I was working from home, I would still have more free time than usual because of being quarantined at home. Spending a lot of time at home makes it hard to break up the day and even more difficult to go to bed after being in “lounge” clothes all day.

I’ve had a lot on my heart lately and definitely broke down last week because I let my mind think of the worst about this pandemic lasting throughout the summer. Jake was in the middle of a work call and had to step away to talk me down to remind me that financially we are okay. We are healthy and taking the quarantine seriously. Instead of thinking about the things that I can’t do, I need to be enjoying this time as much as I can because I don’t have any responsibilities. Jake is working weird hours so he is able to take his laptop and monitor emails next to me on the couch sometimes or use his lunch break to help me with home projects (which he is thrilled about!). I’m trying to see the positives right now and I’ve been enjoying making dinner at night and having the time/energy to clean the kitchen before going to bed. Enjoying the slow mornings enjoying a hot cup of coffee before I get my day started. And finally, coming up with a project or something to accomplish each day so I can feel good that I did something.

This morning when I sat down at my “desk”, I saw that my planner was very empty. This unknown of when we will go back to normal would usually cause me to panic and begin to overthink but I was able to change my mindset into looking on the bright side. For some reason, we begin to believe that we are our best selves when our planners and days are full of activities from morning until past our bedtime. For so long I went through the motions and didn’t get the opportunity to ask myself what I needed. So now I am taking the time to enjoy a blank planner. April was going to be a month of fun trips and things to do so while I am sad about cancelled plans, I am going to enjoy this time of unknown. Our lives were disrupted in every single way possible and I’m trying to think what I can learn from this disruption. It’s definitely made me grateful that I have money in my savings, I have talked to my parents more than ever because I’m just bored, taking advantage of this new free time to do some house projects and most importantly, sit down in the morning and have some alone time.

Here are a few things I have done during this time of our calendars being empty for the unforeseeable future. Instead of stressing about what we can’t do right now, I am finding things to do that benefit me.

  • Made a list of projects I’ve been putting off.
  • Making daily to-do lists.
  • Catching up on laundry and other chores around the house.
  • Reorganizing drawers to make them more functional.
  • Going through all of our stuff to organize it better and purge what I can.
  • Watching shows that I just never had a chance to watch.
  • Clean out your inbox and unsubscribe!
  • Ordering a lot of home organizers/storage items that I need now I am home all the time.

2 thoughts on “Rethinking Empty Calendars

  1. This is just what I needed to hear. I bought four planners this year for work, personal, events, and goals and they are all staring back at me from my desk. Today, I’ll find some use for at least one. Thanks for the encouragement!

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    1. This makes me SO happy to read! Fill up one of your planners with some projects you have been putting off and schedule a day to binge-watch something on Netflix. Even the little accomplishments should be recognized and celebrated during this time. XOXO


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