Friday Favorites 4.24

Happy Friday! This week flew by for me so I hope it was the same for you! One thing that has really helped me this week was creating a plan. Set yourself up for success and make sure you have everything you need for the week ahead.

I’ve gotten a few texts about recommendations on what to watch on Netflix/Hulu so I put all of my suggestions in a blog post here. This week I started to watch Mrs. America on Hulu that is about the women’s movement. Gives a lot of insight of what the world was for our parents growing up and how hard it was to get equal rights for women.

A Clean Kitchen // I make it a rule to have a clean kitchen before going to bed because I love waking up to it all clean! I keep cleaner under the sink so I can easily spray the counter tops down after I run the dishwasher. Since I do it every day it helps it from building up to a big mess! We keep joking why there are so many dishes since we are home for every meal and the dishes are multiplying.

Grocery Delivery // There are so many of us who are avoiding going outside when we can so that makes grocery shopping difficult. This week I ordered a produce box for $35 that had veggies, fruit, eggs, milk and butter from Giordano Garden Groceries with free delivery. If you are in the Philadelphia area, I highly encourage you to order a box now. There are a ton of produce distributors that usually deliver to the grocery stores that have extra produce so they are selling it to people directly. Do some Googling to see if grocers are delivering. Also a great way to support local businesses!

SALES // There are so many sales right now at all of the stores so if you can, shop!

Dyson Vacuum // Now that we are home all the time I’m noticing the dirt and dust on our floors. I’ve been really using the vacuum more than ever because it’s so easy to grab and do a quick clean. A friend recently asked for a vacuum recommendation so I thought I’d share this link. This retailer does payment plans and often goes on sale.

Amazon // I ordered a few things from Amazon so I wanted to remind everyone that I keep this page updated on my blog of all of my Amazon finds.


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