Friday Favorites 5.22

I think this is the first week of quarantine that has really affected me in a deep way. Leading up to Memorial Day Weekend is tough because for my whole life it meant that the beaches were opening and it was summer time, my favorite time of the year. This MDW is going to be different but I am trying to enjoy it as much as I can. Earlier this week we spent a lot of time in the backyard weeding, planting and cleaning up the backyard. Our hard work has paid off because the flowers have started to bloom and the backyard is our little oasis in the city. On Thursday night we made pulled chicken barbecue sandwiches in the crockpot to have our own version of a barbecue dinner. I made homemade french fries and heated up some canned corn – it was delicious!

Philly is allowing carry out cocktails this weekend so maybe we will treat ourselves to a few. Luckily we live a few blocks away from a food store that has a big alcohol section so we have plenty of White Claw in our fridge. The weather forecast says plenty of rain but I’m not letting that ruin my long weekend.

This week I tried to balance watching tv and getting stuff done so I treated myself to an episode of The Great on Hulu at night after a productive day. I’m not sure if I should be embarrassed or proud but I watched the entire first season of Sweet Magnolias on Netflix. It was so good and as Jake called it, “It’s a Hallmark movie that never ends!’ Honestly, it the type of fun, light television we all need to watch right now. Jake and I were watching The Last Ship together the last few weeks and finished the show this week. The show had plenty of suspense and we liked how they ended the show perfectly. If you are looking for a show to watch with your significant other this is a good one.

In the backyard there is a little patio set where I like to have my morning coffee and get some reading done. This week I read the current issue of Vogue Magazine and I was very impressed by the creative direction they took. It explored how the fashion, art, retail and industries will be changed forever because of COVID. In a way, this pause in time will move these industries to the digital age and will make them change and adapt or be left behind pre-COVID. I highly suggest grabbing a copy of this issue because it does a good job looking at how everyone has been impacted by this.

One of my goals for quarantine is to use up all of the products I have in my cabinet because let’s be honest, it’s a lot! One thing I have plenty of is lotions so I’m really committed to applying lotion to my entire body after the shower and at night before sleep.

A lot of my recent purchases this week were at the grocery store honestly. With the extra time while staying safe at home, I’ve been having fun looking up new recipes to try. I’ll plan my meals out on Sunday for the week and I’ll do a grocery run to get the ingredients. Pre-quarantine I had all of the basics but now that we cook all of our meals from scratch, I’ve been needing some more spices and basics.

The Loft sale is still going so check out this previous post where I shared some of my recent haul.

We ran out of toilet paper and could not find it in stock anywhere! Luckily GoPuff was selling it so we stocked up on TP and snacks. I swear, this experience is going to make me hoard toilet paper for life! It makes my toilet paper holder come in handy because it keeps it neat and tidy!

I recently created a Facebook page for Ed since my phone is filled with pictures of him. His personality is adorable and he’s become more friendly since I’m home all day. If you need a good laugh please follow along!

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