Friday Favorites 4.23

Happy Friday! It’s been a while since I have shared what I am loving on the blog so let’s get started!

I’m working on a longer list of all of the shows and movies I have watched so far in 2021 but I wanted to share what we watched this week first! We got the new streaming service HBOMax when it first came out and at first I didn’t really scroll to see what it offered but lately, it’s all that we have been using! We caught up on all of the King Kong and Godzilla movies on our date nights to get ready for the new King Kong vs Godzilla movie that was released in theaters and HBOMax on the same day. The service also has a ton of old shows that are hard to find, like our recent binge What I Like About You, that early 2000s show with Amanda Bynes that is laugh out loud funny!

I recently spent an entire afternoon organizing my cabinets of products to donate to my mom, put some in my shower so I’ll use them, and then used a giant travel pouch to keep all of the skincare products I’m currently using so they are all in one place. I then cleaned out my vanity and put extra beauty products that I haven’t opened up yet that are just taking up room in this loaf bag that looks cute and hides the extra clutter.

On the blog this week, I talked about the Olay Retinol cream I have been using every other night and shared the new to me Hollywood Flawless Filter that is great for barely there makeup days. One of my goals this year was to really commit to a skincare system that worked for my skin and more importantly, would take like 5 minutes at night to apply. I’ve noticed that my skin tone looks more even and I have more glowy skin now that I’ve been consistent with this skincare routine. By having all of my skincare products in one bag, I do a better job of applying toner, serum, and a moisturizer at night. Find a system that works for you and I promise your skin will love you back!

I don’t need more clothes but I couldn’t not take advantage of the Nordstrom Rack Clearance Event going on right now. When I saw the Madewell cardigan with a cult following only for $14, I had to get one along with a Rachel Parcell dress and a few tops.

Keep an eye on my Amazon Finds page because I’m working on a big round up of our recent orders.

The Target Dollar Spot is overflowing with cute summer accessories and activities! This week I walked the long mile + way there to get a few things and my parents got some cute pool floats that we are all excited to use this summer!

I was in a reading slump for a few months because I was reading a very boring book but I’ve never quit reading a book and had to finish it! Since then, I’ve moved on from So 5 Minutes Ago and quickly read The Last Wife of Henry VIII. On my nightstand, I have Little Women and The Jane Austen Book Club. Follow along with my reading list here on Goodreads.

Meals we have been loving recently are:

  • Teriyaki chicken with roasted sweet potatoes
  • Gigi Hadid’s penne vodka
  • Salad with chicken ( I heat up chicken fingers and then cut them in little pieces. Easy and delicious!)
  • Pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes and basil and sweet sausage mixed with olive oil and parmesan cheese
  • Quesadillas with cheese, leftover chicken, tomatoes and peppers
  • We did a big grocery run recently and it’s nice to have a full fridge!
  • A neighbor posted about giving away two outdoor chairs in our neighborhood Facebook page for free and now they look so nice in our backyard. SCORE!
  • I ordered a new hose nozzle and the jet stream was strong enough to power wash our front sidewalk and our backyard. Took a few days but every leaf and clump of dirt is gone!
  • Ed has been loving the warmer weather because we let him spend an hour in the backyard (while supervised) every morning. I’ll water the flowers and enjoy my morning coffee in our new chairs while he roams!
  • At least every other week we have been ordering Panera for lunch and the seasonal salads are SO GOOD!
  • This Funboy x Barbie collaboration is amazing.
  • Thank goodness for Jake’s craving of a burrito the other night because we tried Jackass Burrito and it’s now our new go-to burrito place!
  • We had a few days of really warm weather and sunshine so I took a long walk to Rittenhouse Square.
  • We got our first vaccination last week and get our second dose in May. We are dancing with joy and can’t wait to have a fun summer now that we can safely leave the house and see people.

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