Casual Blazer Look

I wanted to share that Target is having a sale making this blazer 20% off. I recently purchased a bunch of items from Target that are amazing for fall that I cannot wait to share! This blazer can help transition your wardrobe into fall even though the temperatures outside do not feel like it! I wore it to work last week and it was light enough that I wasn’t sweating but kept me warm during the chillier morning temperatures.

This blazer has been sitting in my closet for a week and the weather is finally cooperating so I can wear it. Blazers aren’t usually something I wear to work but when I saw this blazer online and then I saw the price, I immediately hit the “add to cart” button! It’s easy to throw on with jeans to dress up a look or wear with a traditional office look. Blazers are an easy way to polish an outfit – especially when you wake up late and need to get ready in a hurry 😉

I also have to mention my shirt because it’s a recent purchase. My dryer recently destroyed the only white short sleeve sweater shirt that I had so I had to get another sweater tee. I’m already in love with it because I don’t need to wear a cami underneath and that alone makes it a favorite! My jeans are a recent purchase from Old Navy while I was looking for jeans that were a better fit. I’ve worn them a few times and I’m really impressed with the fit and how comfy they are! This look will be on repeat on those days I want to be comfortable but have to look nice for work.


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